Can't connect to DAppNode using address

Hello there!

I’m trying my first installation of DAppNode on my own hardware (Intel Avaton CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Drives). I’ve got Debian-10 installed with command-line mode (no GUI).

I was able to install both the prerequisites and the DAppNode package. Installation is completed and I am greeted with Barcode and Web link to log in.

From another Linux machine, I’m able to ping this machine’s local IP Address ( I’m also able to use the following command successfully:

telnet 8092

nc -z -v -u 1194
nc -z -v -u 1194

However, I was not able to complete this command successfully:
telnet 8092

Where subdomain is the name of my subdomain.

I’ve opened up TCP 8092 → and UDP 1194 → on my router. After that didn’t work, I also tried using DMZ →

Please help when you can. Thanks.

UPDATE (6/10/2021):

I was able to get DAppNode working on another machine by using Port Forwarding instead of Bridged Networking.

Full disclosure: I’ve installed DAppNode as KVM VM using Libvirt. By default, my machine uses the ens3 interface that’s usually reserved for my internal network. I can create bridged network on ens6 interface but that didn’t seem to work. Once i forwarded port on ens3 interface, it started working!

Is there a way to define DAppNode to use different interface (such as ens6) as default network specifically for DAppNode?

UPDATE (6/14/2021):

I was able to make some progress, but still not resolved.

In the file located here: /etc/network/interfaces

I put in the network interfaces (ens3 and ens6) in the auto section. This will bring up all interfaces (similar to if -a command) during startup.

# The loopback network interface
auto lo ens3 ens6
iface lo inet loopback

So the bridged network interface (ens6) is now populated with IP Address during startup. I still cannot connect through bridged network (ens6). I can only connect through (ens3) with port forwarding.