Unable to automatically remove lvm data

Hello I just opened my new extreme dappnode and started the iso install from a 8Gb thumb drive

It’s fine up to step 12 Partition disk - Selected for partitioning: [All files in one partition]…then I get the error

Unable to automatically remove lvm data
because the volume group(s) on the selected device also consist of physical volumes on other devices, it is not considered safe to remove it lvm data automatically. lf you wish to use this device for partitioning, please remove it’s lvm data first.

It’s straight out of the box and I’m following the instructions so not sure where to go from here if anyone could help?

Managed to resolve by manually deleting volume

It was not necessary to install dappnode by ISO. When you buy a “dappnode hardware”, all is set up. However, could you finish the ISO installation after deleting volume?