How do I re-generate prysm Web-UI auth token?

Prysm docs is telling me to do validator web generate-auth-token.

Here is what I’ve tried:

root@dappnode:/# docker exec -it c5e6fcd69f4a /bin/bash
root@c5e6fcd69f4a:/# validator --prater web generate-auth-token

WARN flags: Running on the Prater Testnet
INFO rpc: Generating auth token and saving it to /root/.eth2validators/prysm-wallet-v2/auth-token
FATAL web: Could not create web auth token: open /root/.eth2validators/prysm-wallet-v2/auth-token: no such file or directory

I then created dir prysm-wallet-v2 and file auth-token and run validator command again and got this:

INFO rpc: Generating auth token and saving it to /root/.eth2validators/prysm-wallet-v2/auth-token
INFO rpc: Once your validator process is runinng, navigate to the link below to authenticate with the Prysm web interface
INFO rpc:

Web-ui still doesn’t recognize this token though.

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im having the same problem

It’s been 19 days, I still don’t have a clue how to do that.
So should I nuke my dappnode and start from scratch?