Dappnode main dash is unreachable over DappnodeWifi. Other Dashboards still available

When I go to my.dappnode I get this

This site can’t be reached

http://my.dappnode/ is unreachable.


I’m connected to the dappnode via it’s wifi connection. I do have access to other dashboards like http://gnosis-beacon-chain-prysm.dappnode/ and http://rotki.dappnode/#/

Is there something I can do to reset it?

I still can’t reach my dashboard when connected by wifi or vpn. Any suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting it?

The grafana dashboard works and I can tell that everything seems to be running fine.

When I’m connected to my local network and attempt to connect via http://dappnode.local/ , I get a

502 bad gateway (nginx)

in my browser.

When my wifi is connected to DappnodeWifi and I attempt http://my.dappnode I get :

This site can’t be reached
my.dappnode’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.